With roots deeply embedded in the baking industry, we understand the importance of quality packaging for your production and to showcase your products effectively.
Our team brings decades of collective experience in the baking and packaging industries, ensuring that you receive expert guidance every step of the way.
From graphic design to inventory management, we leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to reduce your costs and enhance your packaging experience.
Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding your expectations every time.
Our heritage started as Bakers! Harold Victor Barth worked in and ran Sweetheart Bakery from the late 1930's into the 70's until acquired by Interstate Brands. Harold's son Bruce worked in the bakery throughout his youth and up until graduation from college when he accepted a job in the packaging industry. In 1975, after working 14 years for one of North America's largest flexible packaging manufacturers, he started Barth Packaging Inc.
Bruce long understood there was a need to improve the packaging experience for Bakers. So, he set out to work for Bakers and represent them to the packaging industry by managing their common pain points: Graphics, Inventory Control and Supplier Management all under one umbrella. Continuing in the family tradition, Scott also enjoyed summer work in bakeries and the business up until graduating from college; flour, yeast and packaging were part of his DNA. After working in the industrial process monitoring industry for 11 years, Bruce asked Scott to join Barth Packaging in 2003 and help grow the business to maintain the continuity of service to its customers and for its employees.

We have extensive experience in the flexographic design and printing space. Our team can turn your idea into reality in as little as 2 weeks. We make sure your designs look great on the shelf!

We will work with your marketing team to create combinations that strengthen your brand on the shelf including promotional designs.

Our team is well versed in FDA requirements and will act as an extension of your QA team to ensure compliance. Oh and those Art files, don't worry we securely store them for you!


Ahead of the curve Barth Packaging knew the need for efficient inventory management would require good technology. Unheard of in the 80's, Barth already had a proprietary inventory system to track our customers' levels to ensure they always had the right amount of inventory on hand.

Integrated inventory management, we work directly with the Bakeries to ensure accurate levels are recorded weekly. We take the guess work out of inventory ensuring we line up your needs based on both current and past performance.


Through our inventory management system we ensure we right size orders to minimize costs. Since our inception in 1975 we have been through many supply chain disruptions and our proven approach of multilayered suppliers has ensured our bakeries have always had bags for their bread. They say it's hard to have Price, Quality, and Service but we work to make it look easy. So you may be wondering how do we do that… here is a brief summary:

Price - We are constantly reviewing pricing in the market and validating it against current Resin Pricing (we track that too!)

Quality - We work with suppliers after a through vetting process. Once we find a good fit we are always checking quality through press approvals, bag review and sample retention.

Service - Our focus is to ensure you can sell more bread. With that at the forefront we will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.


Great question, we both work with Suppliers, but our basic alignment is different. We work for our Bakery clients and represent their packaging requirements to the Suppliers, not the other way around. This approach is the genesis of how our business started and it ensures we are ALWAYS advocating for our Bakeries.

We can generally find savings through "combo" ordering. Unlike printing from your computer screen onto paper, flexographic printing on poly-film is more like a traditional printing press (think newspaper printing). This complex process requires different liquid inks and a printing plate for each color. Our in-house graphics team designs with this in mind and uses a shared layer approach to drive savings.

Over the last 49 years we've developed specialized practices, tools and state-of-the-art software to fully optimize the order cycle and drive cost savings! By handling your inventory, we will ensure we are ordering just enough at the best price point and disperse it as needed to your Bakery. Our approach helps optimize cash flow through scheduled "releases", so we are not overburdening you with more bags than you need for a given time period.

We utilize this approach for the benefit of the Bakeries we serve. There have been many disruptions to supply chain since our inception and we have always been able to make sure our Bakeries had bags for their bread. Since we utilize a multitude of suppliers, we are able to closely watch their lead times and if necessary, move production.

When we look at your packaging, we look at your entire lineup not just one variety. We then work on a design that helps grab the attention of consumers and strengthen your position on the shelf. A great design is not the only component, ensuring your bag is sized right for both production and display is critical.

We sure can! We also provide Plain Bags, Film, Wire Ties, Liners, etc. Working with us we get you the best value and manage your inventory too.

We employ a two-part approach when reviewing pricing to ensure we are providing the best value to our clients. The first part is ensuring the pricing is in line with the current price of Resin. We validate that by closely tracking the commodities involved in LDPE/HDPE production. The second part is a regular review with suppliers to ensure pricing is in line with the market, if something doesn't look right we advocate on your behalf!